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K. L. Estrada

Author of Wallflower Pen Pals

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A True Romance

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Holding Hands in the Sunshine

Wallflower   Pen Pals

Available in Online Bookstores!

K. L. Estrada is extremely proud and excited to share her latest book titled Wallflower Pen Pals. This book is based on a true story and is one that really needed to be told.

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The Author

K. L. Estrada is an author in her own right whose writing career began back in 2010 after her first self-published work. Since then, she has explored different writing genres and created an epistolary book of her parents' letters which just launched! Competing with the sea of bestsellers out there, Katherine hopes to push literary boundaries with a true story romance.

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A Real Love Story

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What Are People Saying About

Wallflower Pen Pals?

Wonderful True-Life Story! Highly Recommended!

This timeless 1950s story of pen pals who had never met and whose correspondence lead to marriage will pull you in and will not let go until you reached the last page of the book. The book includes a treasure trove of beautifully written letters between two young adults. Each letter is highly engaging and enables you to follow the progression of a relationship that eventually led to a golden wedding anniversary and a large family.

Happily ever after can start with a letter

What a lovely journey! I had to pace myself, as it was such a sweet glimpse into a love story in the making that I wanted to keep turning the pages to see what developed happened next. I hope the author will bless us with more!

From pen pals to love

Becoming pen pals gave these 2 shy individuals a chance to get to know each other and fall in love. As a reader, you feel like you're eavesdropping into their lives but had to keep reading to find out where their relationship was going.

Wonderful read

The author is a friend, and when she told me that she was putting together her parents' letters in a book, I could hardly wait to read it. The book does not disappoint. I loved every moment of reading through it. The letters brought me into their lives—very charming.

Romance and True Love

Carolyn and Joe become pen pals while he is in the military. This is a romantic story of two individuals who get to know each other through their letters and fall in love. Do you believe people can learn the truth about someone through the letters they write? Read this book before answering this question.

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What a charming story! By using the actual letters written between her parents, the author creates a narrative that is hard to put down. A refreshing and inspiring read!

Most Enjoyable Read!

Thanks to the author for sharing her parents' most intimate letters. I was hooked from the start and loved it to the very end!

Beautifully written!

Uplifting and interesting read! A must-buy!!

Such A Sweet Story

Loved this sweet story of two people in the 50s falling in love through handwritten letters...what a novel concept in this age of emails, texts, etc.!! The story was a glimpse not only into the blossoming love story but also into the mid-1950s. My own father was in the army at the same time as Joe. So the story had a personal aspect for me! Highly recommend!

Nostalgic Heartwarming Must Read

It brought me back to memories of the 1950s and how young romance back then grew into a beautiful relationship and marriage and the innocence of first love. I really enjoyed reading this.

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